I started walking at first and shooting with a tripod in Newark, New Jersey.  With a 6×6 Rolleiflex from the 1950’s, photographing relics of an American Dream in decline. I did this with a feeling of wonder at the beauty these sites acquired under the low light of the moon and of the streetlights. The photographic process, long exposures on film, allowed for a contemplative relationship with the subject.
J'ai commencé à marcher et à photographier avec un trépied à Newark (New Jersey). Avec un Rolleiflex 6×6 des années 50, je photographiais les reliques d'un rêve américain en déclin. Je l'ai fait avec un sentiment d'émerveillement devant la beauté acquise par ces sites sous la faible lumière de la lune et des lampadaires. Le procédé photographique, les poses longues sur pellicule, permettait une relation contemplative avec le sujet.
Atlantic City roof, 2011Newark construction, 2014Gowanus, Brooklyn 2014 Gas station, Oregon 2003Harlem, NY 2004Fire Island house, 2014Shut down General Motors factory, Linden NJ 2010Vieques Backroad, 2005Hells Kitchen Parking Lot 2, 2004Newark warehouse 1, 2008 Newark factory 2, New Jersey 2008Man in a field, 2006Collapsed pier, New York City 2010Sydney dam, 2005Rick in a lightning storm, 2005San Francisco, 2016Jersey City, 2018Newark train tracks, 2008Boarded up house, Newark 2014Hackensack River, New Jersey 2014Newark factory 1, New Jersey 2014Tree and mountains in moonlight, New York 2007Provincetown dry dock, 2005Newark warehouse 2, 2002 Trees, 2014Recycling yard in Gowanus,  Brooklyn 2012Factory in Kearny, New Jersey 2014Jersey City corner, 2017Deli in Newark industrial zone, 2014Chestnut Street, NJ, 2014Burlington Street, Newark NJ 2001 Newark  street, 2000Countryside field and trees, 2012Hell's Kitchen Parking lot 1, 2004Paraportiani Church, Mykonos, 2013Abandoned factory, New Jersey, 2005Death Valley, 2016Pond reflections, 2012Vieques Basketball court, 2005Agave plant in Vieques, 2005Cleveland house 1, 2002Weeping Birch, 2007Hotel, Atlantic City 2013Cleveland House 2, 2002Cleveland House 3, 2002Cleveland House 4, 2002Newark field with crane, 2002Asbury Park, 2000